Overview, Markets and Information
$ 803,991,201
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 15,576
24h Trading Volume (BTC)
P2B is a top crypto platform in Europe and has gotten into the TOP-3 Crypto Exchanges by growth speed. It offers the best go-to-market experience to diverse crypto startups. At the exchange, investors can find a wide variety of newly-launched tokens.

The platform attracts new crypto projects due to the high-level liquidity of the crypto exchange. One of the essential benefits of the crypto exchange is the high-level security of every launch and operation. It's in the TOP-15 in Cer.Live security rate.

The exchange has 6-year-old experience in the crypto field and has presented more than 2,000 crypto projectsʼ launches. The go-to-market team of the exchange has designed a well-thought strategy for marketing and promoting newly-launched projects to enhance their liquidity and involve new investors.

P2B offers a top-grade launchpad with extended functionality for newly-launched crypto projects. The platform offers additional liquidity services to support a token price after a listing stage and avoid a price drop. It doesn't have limitations, a ticket system, and doesn't hold tokens. The total amount of funds raised through launchpads is already more than $10 million, and the top results from one launchpad are $2+ million.

P2B is popular among newly-launched crypto projects due to easy-to-go onboarding, a loyal listing requirement for the 1st listing, expertise, and well-designed tools for the project's promotion. The exchange also contributes to the development of WEB 3.0 by creating the Fund of Rising Stars to support projects with high potential and strong ideas.

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Year Established 2018
Website p2pb2b.com
Rank 75
Country Lithuania
Has Trading Incentive No
Centralized Yes
P2B Markets
Coin Pair Volume Volume (BTC) Volume (USD) Volume %
Bitcoin BTC/USDT 4,171 Ƀ 4,169 $ 212,999,742 26.49%
Bitcoin BTC/USD 4,049 Ƀ 4,048 $ 206,812,470 25.72%
Ethereum ETH/USDT 67,562 Ƀ 3,906 $ 199,577,649 24.82%
Binancecoin BNB/USDT 198,613 Ƀ 1,476 $ 75,412,386 9.38%
Matic Network MATIC/USDT 70,730,495 Ƀ 1,373 $ 70,131,092 8.72%
Compound Governance COMP/USDT 434,762 Ƀ 568 $ 29,021,019 3.61%
Polkadot DOT/USDT 3,206,597 Ƀ 487 $ 24,930,801 3.10%
Avalanche 2 AVAX/USDT 655,504 Ƀ 465 $ 23,788,206 2.96%
Aave AAVE/USDT 236,022 Ƀ 451 $ 23,076,567 2.87%
Solana SOL/USDT 205,876 Ƀ 410 $ 20,960,560 2.61%