Cours du Aeternity (AE) 0,072775 Capitalisation 29.714.124 Evolution du AE en temps réel et Actualités Aeternity


0.00000500 BTC
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
408.440.006 AE
Total Supply
536.306.702 AE

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Aeternity : définition et dernier cours

Le Aeternity est une cryptomonnaie dont la valeur est actuellement de0,072775 et la capitalisation représente 29.714.124 . Le cours du Aeternity a decreased de -0.51% dans les dernières 24 heures.

C’est la #504 cryptomonnaie en terme de capitalisation avec un volume journalier d’échange de 99.263 .

Qu’est-ce que le Aeternity ?

Aeternity is a platform for developing smart contracts founded by Yanislav Malahov, one of the earliest members of the Ethereum team. It differentiates from other platforms which do the same by running smart contracts on "state channels" instead of a blockchain. Smart contracts are normally signed and then executed and verified peer-to-peer. In case of conflict, Aeternity's blockchain can check them for correctness. This relieves the blockchain from congestion and, besides providing privacy for the contractors and reducing costs, it also solves most part of the scalability problem currently afflicting most major smart contract platforms.

It also introduces oracles, which links smart contracts to real-world decision-makers. In many cases, smart contracts depend upon reporting facts which cannot be obtained purely by code, so human (or IoT) oracles are designated to stake their coins in such contracts' results, e.g.., weather conditions or election results.

The platform makes use of both PoS and PoW, although PoS is used exclusively for their delegated PoS-system. Authentication consensus is reached using an ASIC-resistant PoW system called Cuckoo Cycle in which even mobile devices are able to mine efficiently. Thus, Aeternity is a PoW blockchain with a dPoS system for governance.

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